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Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

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Rates from 4.5% APRC to 65.2% APRC are available – the highest rate is for customers with severe credit problems. Loans available from 1-25 years. TYPICAL 10.9% APRC variable

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Benefit Loans in the UK: Finding the Best Loan Solutions

Benefit loans are generally loans that borrowers living off benefits can avail of to address ongoing financial situations. Through these loan services, borrowers who are dependent on benefits can now avail of financial services, even despite their bad credit. In the past, however, the increasing demands for loan services and the subsequent rise in the number of borrowers with unpaid debts have prompted traditional lending firms and institutions to devise a credit scoring system designed especially to address such problems. Under this credit scoring system, lending institutions and firms were easily capable of classifying borrowers according to their financial conditions. Those whom the lending institutions perceived as likely to be incapable of paying off their loans were automatically segregated from those whom they believed to be capable of paying off their debts without any problem. With this credit scoring system in place, individuals and other borrowers with income levels that do not meet what the lending institutions have decided as the minimum were consequently given poor credit scores. On the other hand, borrowers who either repeatedly or frequently missed their recurring payments, regardless of their reasons, had records that reflected their bad payment history. As a result, individuals and other borrowers with poor credit scores and bad payment histories were automatically precluded from securing any type of loan services from any of the standard lending firms. And while this credit scoring system was of great help to the lending institutions and firms, it had long term effects that proved to be highly detrimental to the borrowers’ finances.

benefit loans

Because borrowers and individuals with poor credit were no longer allowed to acquire any of the legitimate lending firms’ loan services, those who were faced with urgent financial situations were often left with very few and often impractical loan alternatives. Since selling off personal properties to raise money and asking from friends and family may not always be possible or easy, a lot of borrowers with bad credit were left to resort to securing illegal loan services to address urgent financial crises. But while these types of loan options do provide borrowers with temporary financial  solutions, the long term repercussions often associated with illegal loans leave many in even worse financial conditions. Because underground loan services come in excessively high interest rates, borrowers who avail of these loans often find themselves in a cycle of difficult financial situations.

Getting Benefit Loans for Bad Credit

As more and more borrowers with bad payment histories and poor credit scores found themselves in the same cycle of difficult financial circumstances, an entire new market for borrowers with bad credit was eventually created. And in an effort to address the continuously increasing demands for more acceptable, more secure, and more affordable loan services in this newly created market, lending firms and institutions later on came up with innovative new financial solutions. With innovative new loan services such as benefit loans for bad credit, borrowers now have quick access to more affordable and far safer loan services even despite their bad credit. Through benefit loans and other innovative new loan solutions, borrowers now have much faster and more convenient loan alternatives to rely on especially in times of urgent financial crises. Unlike application procedures involved in many of the conventional loans being offered by traditional lending firms, application procedures in acquiring innovative new loan services like benefit loans for bad credit do not necessitate having to submit impossible requirements. With these types of loan solutions, borrowers no longer have to settle with illegal loans from underground lending firms.

How to Get Benefit Loans and Instant Loans for Bad Credit

With the latest advancements in security and technology, as well as the continuing evolution of the lending industry, borrowers now have access to much faster and more convenient loan services even despite their bad credit. Through innovative loan solutions such as benefit loans and instant loans, borrowers may now conveniently submit their loan applications even right straight from the comfort of their own homes. And since loan applications can now be accomplished entirely online, borrowers now have the advantage of being able to submit their applications from anywhere, and at any given time. Because everything can now be completed entirely over the internet, applications can now be processed as soon as they are submitted. Consequently, approvals for benefit loans and instant loans may now be accomplished in as little as just a few minutes after the applications were processed. The release of funds for approved benefit loans, on the other hand, may now be completed even in the same day that the applications were submitted.

Because of these highly useful features of innovative loan services such as benefit loans and instant loans for bad credit, these types of loan solutions make great options in addressing urgent financial situations. But since benefit loans and instant loans are generally small loans that are arranged for borrowers to repay over short payment terms, these loan services do not really make great options in addressing complex financial situations. In addressing financial conditions that require loans in bigger amounts and longer payment terms, borrowers are advised to procure secured loan options, which can be availed of in higher amounts, and can be paid off in much longer payment terms.

Getting Benefit Loans from Direct Lenders

While a lot of borrowers mistakenly believe that borrowing from the lenders directly yields more savings because it does not involve having to pay for loan brokers’ fees, the truth is that because loan brokers maintain close ties to a network of different lenders in different areas, it also follows that they have comprehensive access to all the discounted lending services being offered by these lenders. Due to this, borrowers who opt to take loans using the services of loan brokering firms actually enjoy much more savings and reap far more savings in the long term. And since loan brokers  offer expert financial advise to all their clients, borrowers are ensured the best loan options according to their unique ongoing financial situations.

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Review of Money

Absolutely outstanding service. Quick and smooth online application and was called 4 hours after submission to confirm bank details etc and treated me and my guarantor with respect. Money was in my bank at 7pm. Thank you Money loans!

Review posted by Kerri Hancock, Leicester

  • Customer Service
  • Flexibility
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money

Review of Bizzy Loans

I do have to say, one of the best loan sites I have come across, they make everything so easy, with not very good credit history I didn't think I had a chance but they accepted me and I can get my life back on track. Thank you again Bizzy loans.

Review posted by Luke Ridgewell, Chesterfield

  • Customer Service
  • Flexibility
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money

Review of Place For People

A really simple, quick and efficient system to use. The interest rate is a bit steep but it reflects the risk of lending to borrowers with poor credit ratings so I will not complain about that. Being able to pay off extra amounts with out penalties and only paying interest on the amount remaining makes it extremely fair to borrowers.

Review posted by Alan Pinder, Truro

  • Customer Service
  • Flexibility
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money
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